Minivania is a small-scale metroidvania where you collect powerups in the form of extra jumps in order to reach previously unreachable parts of the world.

Explore this underground world and collect all the coins to beat the game.

P.S. After you have collected all the coins, there are secret areas which you can visit. Make sure to find the bonus music record!

The best way to support the development of future projects (which may or may not include a fully fleshed out "sequel" is to download the Windows build (which has less bugs than the web version) and original soundtrack for a very small price, although no one is forcing you and IT IS THE SAME GAME AS THE ORIGINAL but with a couple less bugs. Another way to support us is by following me on Twitter (see below).


Credits (support us by following us on social media:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsJordan Guillou, lapspider45, 3G_Ghost_Pro
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Metroidvania, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Minivania.exe 15 MB

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I’m stuck :( Idk where to go or how to get to the flag (I have three jumps, by the way).

"Yo, hidden cave!" "What are you even doing down here?" Hidden music?! I love it! Great job on this fun little metroidvania! :D

Timing is important

super nice game! i liked the extra end game secrets :)

what a nice game

it was a lovely game! loved the secrets at the end of the game!

good game


0/100 burred


jump is werid. you have to fix jump

10/10 would play again <3

What's the deal with the player jumping by itself at the end of a jump? It's very infuriating.


Played the whole thing. Great level design.

Cool Game. I like the Secrets of the Game the Most! Like the Developer Secret or the diffrent Music.


One thing I don't like is how jarring death is.  Have a little death animation, then accelerate toward last checkpoint or whatever...  Makes me jump so I didn't finish.

Great game. nice and challenging

Hi, do you know any GM tutorial to help me make things like this game? Ones I find are very advanced. Cheers.

I always point people towards Shaun Spalding and this video seems to be the most up-to-date for learning how to make a platformer

however as mentioned in the video, there are other videos on that channel which may be more suited towards beginners.

I make tutorials myself but haven't covered this topic. I would like to in the future so maybe subscribe and I will probably get around to it


It’s very good, I recommend you to use ‘Delta Time’ so that the frame rate is the same in all the computers in which it is played.


Good game, nice platform game.

Good game with a good difficulty

Love it!


I'd found a hidden cave :D


Very beautiful game! The only issue I had was that it was slowing down like it was too heavy on ram... strange because graphics look light. I was able to finish it anyway, though!


huh, the unwanted multijumps sure make this game quite hard! :O


sorry but i borrowed your idea

I was totally just wondering why this and mini world looked so alike :-D


I was just inspired and decided to expand the idea

This one inspired me! I liked the challenge and the funny notes. Had some slowdowns just before finding the second jump. But overall i enjoyed a lot the feel of the movement and the map. (And simple but charming art, great squishy effect!)

Would like to see what you will do next! 


very enjoyable and addictive! I could spend hours playing it only if it was longer

Wow thanks for playing! I might be working on something that you would like soon, hint hint :)

this seems to run *exceedingly* slow on my chromebook. like; 5 frames per second. also: is there no linux binary? :<

Hmm... That's strange, it may be because its a chromebook but if you are able to run a .exe you can download the game. Unfortunately I have no way to release a game on Linux yet.

I would assume that this chromebook would be able to run the game fine, seeing as it does quite well with Vapor Trails. I think maybe your game is unoptimized, maybe?

I mean, yes, it is unoptimized but no one else has had any issues, and definitely nothing this bad. I can only assume its some hardware or browser issue which would be difficult or impossible for me to fix.

if it's unoptimized, then it's probably able to run on my system, it's probably just currently trying to use more ram than i have. :/

Well thanks for trying anyway! 

um so I was trynna download it and windows detected Trojan virus inside the files... (yes I downloaded it from here)... um could somebody explain...

Hi sorry you had this isssue, I promise there is no virus! Try opening the game from within WinRar or another .zip opening software. Let me know if you need more help. :) 


Ok I’ll try, I’m still a little suspicious (since it’s like Trojan and stuff) but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt

Well look how many people have played the game so far with no issues. I just want people to have fun playing my game! Thanks for giving it a go btw.

is there any other way/place I can get the game cause like I don’t wanna risk it


The level of difficulty is perfect, the art is cute. I like the checkpoints and the fact that you can easily find a place to rest is great. My biggest suggestion would be to have some delay between dying and going to the checkpoint. It kind of jerks you away and it's a bit jolting. Otherwise love it!

Thanks for playing! Yep I will admit I definitely forgot to add any sort of death transition. I'm working on some new stuff (sequel-ish) and I am now aware of this issue.


I also think it could be nice to have a health bar instead of immediately jumping back to the checkpoint, at least for the gears or something. I could see wanting the spikes to immediately take you back, but the gears move a bit funkily so sometimes it feels like you didn't hit it but you still have to restart the level. I do think the checkpoints are in good places though. 

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Thanks for playing! And thank you for making that cool video, glad you enjoyed it.

Acquiring additional jumps as power-ups is a neat and creative idea. I can't think of a game that awards additional jumps quite like this.

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Edit: The bonus music is awesome

Nice tiny game!


Nice Design


nice game


Vewwy cool


I tried this game for my Youtube Channel and this game is so cool, great job !! :)


this is great a true metriodvania


remember the old games

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