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I love the art and how you can explore as much as you want!

Really fun game! Theres a bug where if you hold the upp arrow you jump multiple times. You should matbe look into that. :


Thank you, I probably won't fix it in this version unfortunately but I am working on a follow-up which won't have this issue. The bug crept in with the HTML5 port, I don't think its present in the Windows build which I have put a download for on this page.

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The game is running very slow in my browser. If i download the game does it save the game if i exit?

Hi sorry if I'm late, unfortunately there is no save feature right now but the game doesn't take too long to play unless you get very stuck with the platforming. The longest I've seen is 30 minutes and the shortest is 5 minutes so you'll be somewhere in there I'm sure.


Thank you! It was just for if i closed the game expecting it to save. But yeah, 1 hour reply is better then no reply.


Pretty cool game, but after finishing the gme and looking for the secret I ended up outside the map. I actually was below the game map and there was no bottom. May put spikes as an outside border, so that you reset back to a flagthe. And is it possible to add maybe clouds or stars or something? Then you actually see something move when you fly through the empty sky parts.

Yeah these are definitely good ideas and an oversight on my part. Thanks for playing the game!

i was initially put off by not being able to control jump height by holding jump but the level design really takes this into account and justifies the jumping mechanics very succinctly . Loving it <3

I'm still falling... Great game:)

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only took half an hour of failing frame perfect inputs

very very good game!

YEES!Infinite jumps!



is there truly a secret above?

Yeah once you beat the game you should be able to find something high above that sign ;)

this is great

I love this game

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This is a charming and relaxing little game that took me a while to complete. The jumps can be tight toward the end. The only part that really got me was the use of the up arrow for jump! Other than that it was a great experience with great music!

that was great , well done dev !

Very fun game! I love the gameplay and the ending haha 

Thank you for playing, and making this awesome video! Glad you enjoyed the game.

Awesome game, loved the concept! I'm having a bug where I jump automatically when I land on the ground. Other than that, fun game :3

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This game is really fun! My only gripe would be that it seems to be possible to jump outside the map with the infinite jump. I am not sure if I just spammed it too much looking for the spoiler? and was just too high to hit the ground in the time I waited, but when I reset the page I lost all my coins so I can't test again unless I re-collect them all.

Hi, thanks for playing. There is an issue that it is possible to leave the world if you go to high. Perhaps I could fix this with an invisible wall or something like that.

Well, the part that got me is one of the signs at the top say "there are more secrets along the edge of the map" or something like that, so I just started spamming expecting to hit a roof, lol.

BONUS MUSIC! Beautiful game


Hey! Randomly looked around on the GameMaker Discord and saw this. You might remember me as your secret santa from the Secret Santa Jam. 

This game looked really nice so I played through to the end. Great work!

Haha awesome, thanks for playing!


Definitely wasn't expecting to see a genre like Metroidvania in a jam, but this was really cool. I managed to beat it in 6 minutes, but I didn't have time to find the secrets. Really well made, all of the assets came together really nicely into a charming game. Great work!

Simple tight design, love the color palette!

probably one of the best games in the jam very solid platforming game design. I played to the end and got in infinite jumps. I only wish I could have played in full screen.

great game! few tiny bugs but it looks nice even with the 5 colors

I absolutely love the look and feel, really good use of your five colours!

Really fun! Found 4 secrets are there more

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